My Sweet Neighbour Vaishali

I always had fantasies of fucking older woman. I On the contrary, I remain as usual, always looking for and fantasizing about woman. I always desired for atleast one woman in my life for sexual desire. My eyes always look for a woman with good assets. I always fantasize woman sucking their nipples,licking their navel playing with their pussi & screwing them hard. Today I am going to narrate you my real and wonderful experience with this women who is my neighbour. (This is a real experience) may be because I am not good in writing I have put few lines from heare & there but trust me it's a true story.This was about 11 years back when I was 29 years & she was 14years elder to me .Let tell you about her Her name is VAISHALI, around 43 yrs old, figure 36-28-38 and blessed with great assets with a average height 5'4″, She had divorced her husband it was a love marriage but things didn't work for more then 5 years, they had no children as her husband use to gamble a lot with her money and beat her after drinking. So she came back & was staying with her old parents(retired) and looked after them as she was working for a well known MNC company at Navi Mumbai. She had two elder brothers & one sister who had migrated to Newzeland with their family. She comes to our house in the evening very often as she use to get along well with my mother & younger sister I was more than happy to have her at home. I had a crush on her since my adoloscent age. I used go as close as possible to her whenever I had chance when she came to our house either to meet my mother or sister I scanned through her body and couldn't resist watching her boobs and when she walked back I think my sister was aware she use to to tont me indirectly but never told my mom. I was always dreaming of having sex with VAISHALI. As time passed I noticed that VAISHALI too was aware of my intentions, and surprisingly she didn't show any sort of anger or rejection. She in fact started to talk to me more often and would enquire about me and my business with my sister.

Then one day, things really started moving. When my family had to go attend my cousin sisters wedding at goa(panjim) for 2 weeks. They asked me to come along but I refused since there was no responsible person to look after the business in my absence. My mother said alright and asked me to go for dinner to the flat opposite. My mother told vaishalis before she left. Next day morning at 9am the door bell rang I was getting ready to go to office I opened the door and saw vaishalis mummy she told me she had come to invite for breakfast I said thanks untie some other time I am getting late for office but she insisted to have as she had already prepared it while having breakfast I asked them about VAISHALI she told me she is gone to office and she has to leave in the morning at 7am and infact she only told us to invite you for breakfast I was happy on hearing this while leaving her parents told me to come for dinner I said I will see as I had planned that evening with my friends. In the evening when I came home at 7pm I had my bath and got ready the bell rang when I opened the door I was surprised to see her at the door she was wearing denim jeans colour and red colour printed T shirt she was looking dam sexy she told me to come for dinner .I told her I had planned to go out with my friends she was upset said o.k. And went back I felt bad and called up my friends and told them I am not felling well and we will plan it some other time. I went to their house when she saw me at the door asked me what happened when I told her I had changed my plans for her she was very happy I went in as was sitting an talking to her parents for some time they started telling me her story what all she went through from the time she got married I told them it was her past & not to think about it & get upset within 1 hr dinner was ready we had our dinner VAISHALI had prepared some sweet dish for us after that we had discussion for some more time while I was leaving VAISHALI came to the door and thanked me for coming I said you don't have to thank me for that I felt like smooching her but was getting scared, we said good night to each other & I came home. That night I masturbated twice dreaming about her. As the time went by me and VAISHALI became more close we use to call from office and talk to each other for hours exchanging veg & nonveg jokes.Whenever I was at home her father use to tell her to call to play carrom with him some times VAISHALI use to come and sit with us watching our game. Then one Sunday VAISHALI came to me and asked me if I can take her to the market being Sunday even my office was close I told her we will go on my bike first she said no but finally I convinced her that being Sunday market will be very crowded and we wont get auto. I was thrilled to get this opportunity to take VAISHALI to the market. VAISHALI sat behind but made sure to keep some distance so that she did not have much physical contact with me. I too knew that since we were inside our complex, she was hesitant. As we went out of the complex, the jerks form the ride gradually brought her huge soft hips & boobs in contact they were so soft I used to purposely apply sudden brake so that VAISHALI would slide further. She was aware of what I was doing but didn't mind it. Finally, she was almost fully in touch with me.

On the way back VAISHALI asked about the things I do in free time, and whether I had a lot of friends. And if I had any girl friends? I said no! Since I had not met any one to my liking! She asked me what kind of girls you like. I said, I like women who are "well" built. I noticed that VAISHALI just smiled ( I could see it in the rear-view mirror). Then we went to a small hotel nearby which is famous for its dish called (missal pav) this place is very crowded all the while I tried to stand as close to her as possible and behind her, so that cock could touch her ass again and again. I could sense that VAISHALI didn't mind it at all and was also happy to come close to me. I had a tough time controlling my erection! We then returned home and VAISHALI smiled & said "thank you" I could guess that she was expecting something from me but had no guts to go ahead.

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